“Patriot proof” cloud

“Patriot-proof” clouds or Europe versus US clouds

A couple of days ago a new EU data protection law was outlined by EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding, law which will give people and organisations the right to ask for personal data to be deleted from servers hosted by third parties, who will have to comply unless they have “legitimate” grounds to retain it. This law comes at a time when enterprises in Europe are showing increasing wary that if their cloud-based assets are migrated to servers residing in the U.S., then they could (even if they never have yet) be subject to inspection by U.S. law enforcement authorities, even though the assets themselves are not American.
And because it’s such a frequent request, CSPs including Zurich-based CloudSigma are offering what they call “Patriot-proof” clouds as a feature. (ReadWriteCloud article)

Leaving and working in Europe, one of the most encountered cloud discussions is about which cloud services should be purchased by enterprises from local providers and which could be relied to the global clouds. Worries like latency, security and cost were up to now the main drivers for the discussions – but looks like the list will increase. Do you see many other US cloud providers following CloudSigma steps in order to increase presence in Europe?

See the whole discussion on LinkedIn



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