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Continuation of Content Shifting post.

There are many use cases in which Evernote tool can be used: Web Content Clipping, Recipes keeper, Trip Planner, Organizational Tool, Wedding Planner, Records storage, Project history recording. It’s a great tool and below you can see some examples of usage  – in combination with Spool & Read It Later.

Articles you like

(Spool, Read It Later, Evernote)

Depending which client (Android phone, Ipad, Laptop) you’re reading  from, either Spool/Read It Later/Evernote can be used for saving of the data. If you read the news on Zite and you find something you would like to read/study more later, then Read It Later is the most straight forward. It’s as simple as a tap – on the side of the news there are the icons of Read It Later and Evernote .
 Besides the lack of support in Zite, Spool ( is great tool for storing on Chrome / Android / iPad (you can also store PodCasts), even works with Safari on iPad. Also all the content saved with Spool is available offline – the tool will bring all the data locally. Spool also can be used pretty straight forward from Twitter, in case you see there a link/information that you would like to read later. The Spool icon appears next to all link embedded tweets.
If instead you find a document/web page you would like to use later (e.g. in writing a post/document) then the solution would be to use Evernote. You can store the document in the Evernote NoteBook where the article resides and just visit it briefly when writing the post.
Storage of info (Evernote)
Copies of your ID’s & your family’s, university diploma, house contract, hotel reservation (Tripit is only available online), travel itineraries linked with all the confirmation mails from all places you’re gonna stop. All these can be stored in Evernote and also shared with others when needed.
Events reports / Writing & Sharing articles (Evernote)
Start in Evernote a NoteBook about an event and save there all the relevant content – from agenda, participants confirmation, discussions, articles. When you will want to put together some info –  this Notebook will be really handy, all info will be there  – also offline.
Shopping Lists/To Do Lists (Evernote)

Evernote is great for this….you have a list built over the week (and
 is cool that you can add here each time you remember something – from your phone/iPad/laptop, even if offline – whenever a connection will
synchronize the data) – then you can share it with somebody else, have tick buttons – for already shopped items, ….
For more info on what you can do with Evernote, try the Evernote blog – quite good for possible use cases. For example “8 ways Evernote can be used as a clouple“.

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