Get your gears ready, GigaOM Structure comes to Europe

ImageOctober 16 & 17th in Amsterdam, GigaOM brings in Europe the best and the greatest of the US cloud computing in the first Europe GigaOM cloud event (Structure Europe). Ok, Europe cloud legislation might not be the best (or in place yet), the cloud adoption rate is slower then US, but according to IDC a 30% CAGR for cloud deployments is forecast between 2011 and 2016 (as opposed to the 18.5% in US). And this might be enough to turn the US eyes around to Europe cloud.
GigaOM Structure probably saw the same potential coming, because the speakers for the event form a great line-up: Biri Singh – VP Cloud Services HP, Amr Awadallah – founder of Cloudera, Werner Vogels – CTO Amazon, Jason Hoffman – founder of Joyent, Marten Mickos – CEO Eucalyptus. And the event will be open and close by nobody else but the GigaOM founder, Om Malick. This doesn’t happen that often.
Looking at the last Structure event in June, in San Francisco, one can see lots of similarities on the events agenda (Big Data a lot, Cloudonomics, Data Centers, Green focus), but while there are some similarities, there are also some particular subjects on the Europe GigaOM agenda that are in line with the US impression of the Europe market:
1. cloudwashing is one of them – meaning in this case that in Europe we are so overflow with the cloud term (quote from the GigaOM article 5 things you need to know about cloud in Europe: “any new tech product inevitably gets painted as a cloud product”) that you must pay attention on how you use it, otherwise will make some people nervous.
2. fragmentation of the European market (quote from the GigaOM article 5 things you need to know about cloud in Europe: “Europe ..represents a much smaller, more fragmented market than the US”) with impacts in interoperability and portability of cloud services. Is the open cloud the answer for such a market?
3. all eyes on the new start-ups in Europe: now this would be really great news, if the powerful US investing machine would seriously turn eyes onto Europe. Of course it depends as well on the Europe legislation in the matter.
4. cloud legislation not there yet: Marten Mickos will go on stage and discuss about the cloud legislation in Europe
Looking at all these topics and speakers, I can honestly say that if you can get your hands on an event invitation, make sure you attend the event, I believe will be one of the highlights events of the year.

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