The guide to a modern life / list of cloud services you should be using: accessible from anywhere/any device these services make all the difference. Just don’t forget – for airplanes and other places where internet connection won’t work – save some/important data also locally. Can be extremely frustrating sometimes to realize that all your data is in a place that “cannot be contacted for the moment”. 

  1. Cloud Email
  2. Cloud Storage – make sure you store your data as well on the cloud – where you cannot forget it on a USB card (home, airplane,..), you can protect it from a hardware crash or your computer being ruined by a Coca Cola spilled by a flight attendant on your way to an important presentation
  3. Cloud News/Content accelerators – feed your data, let intelligent programs feed you with information based on your current interests.
  4. Content Saving Services – keep track of interesting info from the net, organize your To Do
  5. Cloud WebPage/Blog – share your views
  6. Telephony Services – keep contact
  7. more to come….