The rise of the open cloud (part 2/2)

Openstack versus VMWare vCloud = CloudFoundry Cont of The rise of the open cloud (part 1/2) As the open cloud concept rises more and more in terms of adoption and development, you can’t stop wondering: – will it be a legitimate threat to proprietary clouds, e.g. VMWare vCloud? – how will the cloud eco-space change … Continue reading

The modern planner

Continuation of Content Shifting post. There are many use cases in which Evernote tool can be used: Web Content Clipping, Recipes keeper, Trip Planner, Organizational Tool, Wedding Planner, Records storage, Project history recording. It’s a great tool and below you can see some examples of usage  – in combination with Spool & Read It Later. Articles you like (Spool, Read It Later, … Continue reading

The rise of the open cloud (part 1/2)

Or how to avoid being locked-in the cloud The cloud concept was started by Amazon and Google, but is the dominance of the proprietary clouds Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine and Windows Azure threatened by the upcoming wave of support for open cloud implementations? HP announced recently that it’s public cloud (in private beta for … Continue reading

Are Telecom Operators the Future Cloud Brokers?

  There were a lot of operators taking the stage at Cloud Connect conference in Santa Clara: NTT America, BT, AT&T, Verizon.. – talking about their strategy towards enterprises, how to deliver killer applications via cloud, how to use cloud infrastructure in order to deliver manage services. A lot of discussions were generated about the … Continue reading

Content Shifting

Content Shifting

Bookmarking, Saving Entire Pages for later usage, Organizing your To Do List and sharing with others….just a few of the capabilities of services like Evernote, Instapaper, Read It Later and the upcoming Spool (now in Beta mode). If you spend a lot of time reading on the internet, twitter, …and up until now were just … Continue reading